Essentials of the Ascension

Acts 1 and Genesis 1 have interesting similarities. Both deal with temple creation. In Genesis God creates heaven and earth to be a temple, and in Acts he creates the church to be a temple. In Genesis the building process is all about ordering and empowering. God separates dark from light, the water above from the water below, and the water below from land, and he names each so they can function. He fills the sky with lights, the water with fish, and the land with animals, and finally he creates and empowers people to rule the earth and help him name things. On the seventh day God rests. In ancient times gods rested in temples. The temple was built by worshippers and then the god was invited to rest in it. This did not mean they went to sleep, it meant their presence brought order to the temple and its surrounding community. When a god rested there was no more chaos. Genesis is telling us in the language of the day that Israel’s God built the universe as his temple and then brought his order and rule to it.
In Acts 1 God sets up the church as a temple. Again it is about ordering and empowering. More