Partnering God

(audio sermon by Gary Sampson)

Explaining the tithing verses in Malachi.

Speakers notes follow –

Partnering God

Malachi 3.6-12

Kenya flight – One way relationship

Dating -you call / friendship -you pay / marriage -you faithful

God complains – one way relationship!

Covenant Broken!

I have not changed (6) – my people have – its one way!

Return – how? – Don’t rob me – how robbing? – Tithes + Offerings

Deal was: I provide – you give tenth (tithe)

Under curse – all of you – pushed my hand of blessing away

Covenant – partners – going together – same vision – team – roles

Bring tithes to storehouse so there can be food/provision in my house (10) – God can fill storehouses – wants people to play a role – show heart – can fill offering bags – arrange his own standing order out of our accounts

Is your covenant broken? One way relationship?

Half time – whistle goes – bad half – commentators

Tithing – Hasn’t Christ set us free from Law?

Tithing to Temple – has God scrapped Temple or transformed it? We are the Temple – living stones – Tithing not scrapped, its transformed – for the Church

Tithing not law in forced by men – attitude compelled by Spirit – Same Spirit makes us cry Abba Father wants God’s House to extend to be nations

Circumcised hearts tithe – if you don’t tithe, check your heart!

Half Time over – second half begins!

Covenant Restored – better half

Return to me, and I’ll return to you! (7) Second chance!

Bring whole tithe – tenth(10) – part was the problem

Why a tenth? To know whats healthy – Rate for a house-help?

Tenth lower limit – what is healthy

Dip stick – below-safe / safe / healthy – friction seize – church too

Our income is half what it should be – unsafe – running rough

Tenth is faithfulness – above is generosity

Pastors must tithe! – Priests tithed from tithe!

Food (provision) in my house – crops + herds was money – we convert produce first

Test me (10) – only place – can’t outgive God – Scotland – step out boat – final 10k on return

Throw open floodgates of heaven – finance? – think what heaven rains down is – blessed worship / preaching / relationships / prayer / outreach – Scotland: ministry/words/house

All the nations call you blessed (12 – voted happiest nation – MSG) – corporate blessing – outsiders ‘Vineyard folk interesting, booming‘ – not now – giving in service & finance will do it

Service + financeFamily Rally Team – role – finance shows committed – give person public ministry – do you tithe?

If we give time + money, we’ll boom! Really … Test Him!

Game of trust – your trust / catcher trustworthy – test him!


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