Love Is!!!

(audio sermon)

When the Bible says love is patient, love is kind, it keeps no record of wrongs, it is describing the highest type of love. It is a selfless, sacrificial love. The Greeks called it ‘Agape’. This sermon describes how to apply it. Click the arrow to play –

Speakers notes follow –

1 Corinthians 13. 1-8

‘Love Is’ (cartoon – turning off the football) selfless action (agape) – as the cross

Petting Zoo (Dave Simmons ‘Dad the family coach’ – Helen) – EverN / Love

– all love descriptions here (4-7) are ‘selfless’ – about others first

Patient – Giving others time – Old people walk slow – don’t catch on quick – kids don’t learn overnight

Kind – Selfless mercy – Giving your seat on bus to preg woman – Saying something encouraging when you could be quiet (nice hair, lost weight)

Love ‘it does not’ –

Envy – Despising others for having what you want – that sideways glance that looks the other woman up and down

Boast – Self promotion – Owner foreign car boast consumption (Newspaper) – EverN / Tongue – ‘In humility consider others better than yourself’ (Ph 2.3)

Proud – Thinking too highly of self – Satan’s fall (To be above God) ‘others better’ – Pharisees wanted best seats – John prepared to become less – Moody – ‘God sends no one away empty except those who are full of themselves’ – ‘Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will lift you up’ (Ja 4. 10)

Dishonor/Rude – Disrespect – Pride: self superior – talking down to someone – female/education/race/tribe- firmness isnt rudeness – just a strong word – not prideful

Self Seeking – direct opposite of ‘selfless action’ (agape) Disciples arguing over who’s greatest – Noisey Dress for blind groom – many brides think its about them

Easily Angered – ‘easily’ – ‘God is not easily angered’- usually a self centered anger ‘what they did to me’ (kids) – Jesus at temple: abuse of God’s house and Gentiles court

Record of Wrongs – ‘My wife gets historical/hysterical’ – unforgiveness – selfish – List maintained by mind & mouth – captive & confession

Delight in Evil – Rejoices in truth (whats right) – world boasts in drunkeness / promiscuity / hate image / slander – facebook, what you delight in – photos / jokes / videos

Always Protects – Wife & Doctor (Paul Pearsall) ‘The Ten Laws of Lasting Love’ (317 E. I.) Confused diagnosis with verdict – ‘Drunk/Loose in your church?’ – ‘You don’t make mistakes?’ – correct privately/protect publically – leads to:

Always Trusts – Can’t trust all – general attitude – benefit of doubt

AIways Hopes – God forgives because he hopes

Always Perseveres – God perseveres with us – we can with others

Never Fails (ceases) ‘Nothing is important except that which is eternal’ (memorial) – the nature of God

Agape Love Is Selfless action – CS Lewis ‘Do not waste time bothering if you love your neighbour, act as if you did – when you are behaving as if you loved someone you will come to love them’ – Love is selfless action

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