Jesus – Superior in Person & Message

Hebrews Series – Chapter 1 (audio sermon) 

The Messiah’s word is the final word because He is the Word. As Son of God he is greater than any angel, even the angel Gabriel. If the message of an angel carries weight, how much more the message of the Son. This is the teaching of Hebrews 1. But who wrote this amazing book? And how does it help us today? Join us as we explore the first chapter. Click the arrow to play –

Speakers notes follow –

Jesus – Superior in Person & Message

Hebrews 1.1-13

Are babies from God? Are they not from people? Hebrews authored by God or a man? – Don’t know author – Heavenly Father or natural more important? Hebrews written before 70 AD – would think author known to apostles (Acts) – How to know father – DNA

Not Paul style – no greeting ‘Paul an apostle to the sanctified in Ephesus’ – no prayer or thanksgiving

Apollos or Barnabas – Apollos most likely

1. Dynamic Teaching – Paul (called Hermes!) dynamic compared to Barnabas – Apollos most dynamic speaker of all

2. Excellent Academics – Alexandria v Cyprus – excellent Greek (with Luke) – oratory structure transitions – strong knowledge of Hellenistic Philosophic Judaism – originated in Alexandria with Philo

To who and why?

Hellenistic Jewish believers (Rome – ‘those from Italy send you their greetings’) in danger of drifting back to Judaism due to persecution – Roman historian Suetonius – Jews constantly ‘indulging in riots at the instigation of Chrestus’ – calls them to renew zeal – not shrink back

Hebrews 1 – Christ’s Supremacy

Faith challenging need this – Islam – Mormons – JWS

1-4 Gods final word – notice finality – prophets before – now Son – heir of all things – exact rep    his being – sustaining all by his word – he has spoken – sat down – finished

– no further revelations – Quran – Book of Mormon – sermons of Branham

vs 3 – ‘sat at the right hand at the Majest in heaven’ Ps 110.1 ‘The Lord says to my lord: “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.”

Jesus quotes Ps 110. I in Mt 12. 35-37 ‘the Lord said to my Lord’ – why Messiah called Lord if he’s David’s son

Christ’s supremacy over angels

Muslims & angels – Gabriel commanded Mohammad – would not do it to Jesus!

JWS – Christ spirit being (like angel) incarnate – distinctions here vital

Some key verses –

‘I will be his father’ (5) Promises of sonship never made to angels – Muslims ask where in OT is God the Messiahs Father?

‘Let all God’s angels worship him’ (6) Jews knew angels worship God only – a blatant OT proof that Christ is God – JWS New World Translation says ‘do obeisance’ to escape Christ being God

‘Firstborn’ (6) doesnt mean the Son had begining – its about his status over adopted sons & daughters – status (superiority) not creation in view here

‘Angels are spirits (winds) _ fire (7) speed & power to carry on God’s commands – just servants of Father & Son

‘your throne, O God, will last forever’ (8) JWS NWT says ‘God is your throne forever’

‘Therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions’ (9) – can be read two ways – author of Hebrews interprets it as complimentary to ‘The Lord said to my Lord’ (Ps 110.1). JWS – ‘The utterance of Jehovah to my Lord’ – they avoid this obvious connection – Jesus said ‘before Abraham – I AM’ (not I was)

JW Stanley in SA – sickness – ‘Kicked out of kingdom’ – Heb 1 – heard Jesus in his conversion

Hebrews vital NT Book – weeks to come – Links OT & NT – interprets OT in light of NT – Christ fulfils priesthood, sacrifices, temple symbols, Sabbath, answers who is Melchizedek, etc

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