In the Name

(audio sermon)

We are baptised in the Name. Moses was given the Name. Today we explore the Name and what it means to be in it.

Speakers notes follow –

In His Name

 Sequel to I AM who I AM

Genesis 32. 22- 30

Strange conversation – I will not let go unless you bless me – what is your name – Jacob – you will be Israel because you have wrestled with God – what is your name – why do you ask my name – I saw God face to face and lived

Strange discussion to modern ears ① changing names is rare – suspicious – FB ‘its not normal, why you changing – consequences’ ② the Divine Wrestler thinks Jacobs return question is redundant – not needed

Ancient times – names described who you were – something about you – identity – if you had dramatic change, your name could change – eg if you changed religion

– Jacob (Heel-Grabber) to Israel (God-Wrestler) – Abram (exalted father) to Abraham (father of many) – Simon to Peter (rock)

Adam named animals – character function

‘I know you by name’ (Ex 33.17) indicates he understands who you are – your history, weakness, strength, potential, purpose – friend: “Don’t say anything I know you (your name)”

Ancients named by someone who knew something – you – circumstances at birth – words prophesied at birth – it gave you identity

Isaac ‘He laughs’ – Sarah’s response to announcement / Moses ‘To draw out’ – from Nile / Jesus ‘to save’ – He will save his people from their sins (Mt 1. 2})

The person naming you had authority over you – Adam ruled animals – Pharaoh named Joseph; Zaphenath-Paneah – parents named children – God named Jesus – Jesus named Peter

God’s Name – who can name God? Who was before him? Has authority over him? Understands him? Only God knows himself

Unlimited Name – gods of sea, sky, land – I AM before everything – ultimate existence – all depends on Him

Holy – otherness – uncreated – his Name cannot be used of another – only one is ultimate – Name is Holy – to misuse God’s name is to claim authority over Godrefused to pronounce Name

The Name to Moses – YHWH

Jews said Adonai (Lord) instead – 70 AD dispersion – stopped Hebrew – no vowels in OT – pronunciation lost – middle ages scribes added vowels – Christian interpreters saw A-O-A then E-O-A above and below YHWH – thought its Yehovah – but a reminder to say AdOnAi instead of Yahweh – study of Hebrew language & names – scholars convinced the original name is Yahweh

All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name (identity) of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you (Mt 28. 18-20)

When we baptize in the Name – we immerse people in the identity of Yahweh – you’re a God person – clothed in God, filled with God, a child of God – feel it? I do when among rejecter of Yahweh (God)

The believer that boasts they’re God’s kid has little grasp – we do not deserve to be called God’s sons & daughters, its both an embarrassment and privilege

F1 season starts today – Nico Rosberg – looked for father’s name on trophy – identity in father – the son – We can achieve as our fathers, but not as our Heavenly Father – we can’t get close – yet His Spirit is in us to achieve His purposes

In Christ counted as His – no longer lost, connected to the One who is ultimate. Those who do not identify with I AM are lost – children without parents

‘Your Name is a strong and mighty tower, Your Name is a shelter like no other, Your Name let the nations sing it louder, ‘Cause nothing has the power to save, But your Name’

How can a name be a mighty tower? A shelter? Something that saves? When you have His Name – you are His child

The Name (identity) rescues you, gives you value, enables your full potential – we’re all changed from Heel-Grabber to God-Wrestler

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