I AM who I AM

(audio sermon)

Moses anticipated that the Israelites would ask him a trick question about their God: ‘What is his name?’ At this point they had no name. A name was considered limiting. But God gave Moses an unlimiting name. Israel knew their God by that name from then on.

Speakers notes follow –

I AM who I AM

Exodus 3. 1-15

Burning Bush – Bushy – Faizah ‘more fire’ – when Moses set an fire

Raised Egyptian – their culture & religion – knew of Hebrew God – no experience of Him

Things go wrong before calling, kills Egyptian, flees to desert (Midian) – no luxury, but safe

‘Moses’ – called by name – starts to reveal ‘stop, no closer – shoes’ (I’m different)

‘I am God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob’ – hid face – he knows – can’t look at this God and live – later Moses asks – God shows something

‘What is his name?’ – trick question anticipated – Hebrew God had no name! Like no image – Name had information – identifies you – Poseidon: god of sea – provides fish, saftey in storm – limited god

What an answer!”I am who I am’ – describes but doesn’t limit

‘I am has sent me’ – YHWH – ‘THE LORD’ (15) – Self existing One –Ultimate existence, before all things – all exists because he does – this earth, galaxies, all – including you

Are you surprised that you exist? We all should be. Who says you should exist? You did not have to – but do.

Most live unconciously – as kids (play) – teens (hormones) – 40s (achieve) – don’t ask why we exist – why here – Who decided? Purpose?

Moses living that way – then God spoke – everything changed – worship – knowing I AM is not just an add-on?

You exist because he exists – you have personality because he does – aren’t you glad you have personality?

There are good & bad personalities – God is all good & devil all bad – you’re somewhere in between

God not just personal – superpersonal – Father, Son, Spirit – obvious in NT but in types & shadows in OT (as most prophecy)

More revelation of ‘I Am’ with lense of NT – God of Abraham (exalted father – father of many), Isaac (laughter due to mirade of promised son – sacrificed), Jacob (provided well from which sons of Israel drank)

Jesus connects OT & NT – ‘before Abraham was born, I am‘ – ‘drinks this water will thirst again _ water I give, never thirst again’ – ‘My beloved Son in whom I’m well pleased’ – ‘baptise in the name of Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

I Am God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob – revealed more than Moses knew!

Holy (Kadosh) ground – originally ‘otherness’ of God – shouldn’t forget the original idea – only uncreated, only eternal, only self existing, all powerful, all knowing, all loving – Holy: we think he is more pure, powerful, knowing, loving – no he is ALL! That’s definitely other than us!

How does this affect us? Give us enriched view of God – it should give us reason to worship – It should make us thankful – it should give us a sense of belonging – we know why we exist and why we are the way we are.

You’re called – He’s saying your name!

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