The House of God

(audio sermon by Gary Sampson)

The history of God’s house starts with Jacob’s dream of a stairway to heaven. This is a Ziggurat concept (see image) which Jacob understands though Abraham of Ur. The dream begins God’s remedy to the world wide problem of Babel. But the complete remedy is only in Christ and his new house; the Church.

Speakers notes follow –

The House of God

Indebted to Bill Johnson + John Walton

Gen 28.10-22

Beginning of Gods house – stairway to heaven – Lord above – angel activity – God here ‘how awesome is this place’ – stone resting on set up – anointed – first stone of house

Later Solomon temple (many stones) place of presence – then Church (living stones) temple of presence

Gate of heaven – meeting of two realms (Reef Hotel gate) – angels activity is proof – Church (people) is gate of heaven now – the world needs God – the church has the access

Do angels need stairs? Does God need a gate? No, God speaking in terms Jacob understands – Grandfather from Ur of Chaldeans – Ruins of Ziggurats (pic) – called ‘House of God, Gate of heaven’ -stairs with temple + gate – for patron god to descend

Saying: God of Abraham/Isaac – this is the place of the wayopen heaven – Solomons temple the place – Jesus/Cross the way

Ziggurat for patron god to descend and bless – crops, animals, rivers, women, battles, prosperity – deal: feed god sacrifices – about a god joining you in your business, family, desires, city

Do you worship so God prospers and blesses your business, family, ministry? Its not a deal for prosperity – its about God even if he does not bless – the apostles died for Christ because it was about God not them

Sikh looking to rent ‘she’s looking for blessing‘ – many think that’s what religion is about – God against it

Babel – not modern tower but Ziggurat archetype of all Ziggurats – man not to go up, but God down – God judged Chaldean worship system – ‘make a name for ourselves‘ – God did come down, but judged – one people with one God and one language became many with many gods, languages

Bethel is God’s house God’s way – Abraham called away from Chaldean system – start a nation for God – Jacob grandson sees beginning of God’s house

Jacob is in middle of no whereGod sets up stairway, gate, house – God calls Jacob to walk with him – not God joining man, man joining God

God’s plan not a temple in each city – different god in each – one temple for all nations

Jesus – is God coming down – temple has become marketplace – thing of man – cleanses it – asked for sign to show authority to do this – will destroy it and raise it in 3 days – sees himself as God’s house – temple of Spirit

Pentecost – beginning of church – new house/temple – what happens? God initiates – told to waitSpirit comes downfills God’s church – Galileans speak languages of nations – opposite of Babel

True religion not about God joining our thing – about us joining hisĀ  – not about our name – about his – don’t start a business and ask God to bless it – find out what business God wants – Ministry is the same – join God in doing what he is doing

Requires seeking GodsubmittingHG asked how we know God’s will – start by submitting your heart regardless of his will

House of God (church) is doorway for heaven, a place for angelic activity, the open heavencommunity needs a place – we are it

Last week we committed to seeking God for his windsubmitting to his will and being a true house for his presence is much the same thing

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