Hosting the Dove

(audio sermon by Gary Sampson)

The Spirit came on Jesus like a dove. This describes the nature of the Spirit. Any wrong move makes him lift. Every moment in life must be lived with the Spirit in mind.

Speakers notes follow –

Hosting the Dove

Matt 3. 13-17

Indebted to Bill Johnson

Heaven opened, Jesus saw Spirit descending like dove – alighting – ‘This is my Son whom I love’ – What’s happening? – ministry from this point – identified + empowered

Jesus God in flesh – ‘he made himself nothing (emptied), by taking the very nature of a servant, and being made in human likeness‘ (Phil 2.7) – put off supernatural – limited self – needed Spirit to minister – an example to us – ‘greater miracles’

Pentecost Spirit came upon – Commission ‘Go make disciples‘, then ‘wait for the gift‘ – could not go without Spirit/Dove

Did Jesus go ‘wow guys this feels so good, I’m so blessed, I just love the presence’ – no, Spirit upon for others

Did you feel Spirit/Dove on you today? – when happens, ask who to minister to – sometimes God encourages – but ‘upon’ usually for giving more we give, more he gives – increasing spiral

After service you want to share – at tea, home, friends – give it out – praying for each other is same – Spirit upon

Wimber – presence and power same – used to just enjoy presence in worship – soon realized supernatural things happened in presence – don’t just think its for you – you’ve got something to give

When Presence/Dove comes if alone take note of thoughts

Spirit came on Jesus like a dove – was not a dove – just as like a wind, was not a wind – so dove describes something about the Spirit

Sparrows my room; no wrong movesHow do you walk if a dove is on your shoulder – every move with dove in mind

What makes Spirit fly away? Noise – no! – Sin – if you pray everyday for the Spirit to be here Sundays, but sin knowingly, will he come? No, life must be a prayer – show your desire – is your life a sign post to God or away from God?

Some Bibles – Spirit came on Jesus and remained – why – never sinned – would you like the Spirit to remain on you? – We can have him longer if we sin less

You may say, can’t be sinless – yes but at least be up-to-date – you know what God has put his finger on

Bro Laurence talks of practicing the presence – Johnson talks of hosting the presence – less sin, more presence

With Spirit/Dove on you – atmosphere changes – Wimber ‘It’s nice isn’t it” – Finney in a factory – people repent – Should be people that change the atmosphere

I’d like this church to host/practice the presence – do nothing to make him take off – we don’t know each others sins – the Lord does – sin blocks corporate presence – all have a role to play in seeking and obeying

Last few weeks his presence increased – if that’s possible with a few seeking – imagine if all do!

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