It is more blessed to give than receive. We encourage all our members to discover their gifts and be active in ministry. All Christians are gifted and thus called. Learning to minister is an important part of our spiritual growth. We are always looking out for more helpers in our existing ministries and are also keen to see new ministries get started.  Here is a list of department leaders. Feel free to call them and offer your assistance:

Worship Team: Ken 0735582727
Sound Team: Ken 0735582727
Children’s Church: Maurine 0721596259
Youth Group: Maggie 0706348726
Woman’s Group: Estelle 0716050504
Ushers: Collins 0720703445
Mercy Group: Silvana 0722811720
Catering Team: Rosemary 0722407960
Communion helpers: Miriam 0731583572
Homegroups: See Connect – Homegroups