God of the Rainbow

God of the Rainbow

 (audio sermon by Gary Sampson)

As a covenant symbol the rainbow speaks of life after death, hope after disappointment, party after pain. God’s people are rainbow people. People of hope, joy, and celebration.

Speakers notes follow –

God of the Rainbow

Gen 9.12-17

Fort Jesus rainbow covers island

Rainbow – different to other covenant signs. Circum/Sacrifice/ Cross pain – death. Rainbow beautiful. Whats it do for you? First fills me with awe / hope / knowing his in control (of island) Gets me smiling.

Covenant two sides – death/resurrection. Dying to self/living for other – David+Johnathon – Marriage – die to past/rise to future – Death downside – Resurrection upside – Connected

Rainbow upside/resurrection/new life – opportunity/explore/enjoy, celebration – Should smile.

God’s covenants always death before resurrection, pain before party – World opposite. It’s party till death. Enjoy now, die later – We are die now, enjoy later (Party later) – They have no hope. We full of hope – Expectant of next life.

But everything in life points to God’s way – pain before gain. Gain before pain is a problem. Eg party before hangover – drive fast, pay later – Sex before commitment – unplanned baby/disease. Death before resurrection works – humble yourself, he will lift you up – When you die to self there’s is amazing blessing the other side

Rainbow is the other side of death – new life, new creation, celebration

This week read Parable Wedding Banquet – People make excuses. Street people come – Arnolda : wow kingdom a party! Marriage feast. Celebrating God. People at Lords table.

I don’t think banquet is physical. Probably about spiritual food / provision – accompanied rejoicing – a party

I often refer to Toronto refreshing. Revivals effect communities. Refreshing remain in church – People behaved strange – Jerks, holy laughter, drunkardness, animal imitations

Many sceptical. You are when outside – David+Michal – Pentecost tongue – I was sceptical: But my pastor, wife + shy people. All genuine. Not performers. Close to Jesus. Problem for me. Didn’t want to judge like Michal. The fruits were good. Spirit came on me. Soweto I danced like David. I’m conservative. Me doing Elvis before church.

We asked why God was doing this. No salvation, few healing, not many filled or improved devotions.

Then some said God throwing a party. Penny dropped. In heaven we won’t wonder about salvation / healing / growth. Will just enjoy party

God’s is a God of parties. We think he’s a party spoiler /Legalistic / Judgemental. No that’s the church not God

Jesus went to wedding. 7 days. Ran out of wine. Water left. Turned water to wine. Party continued. He made it possible. God of parties.

The kingdom is a party. Not a worldly party. But a party.

Christians should be people of celebration. People of joy. There’s a time to mourn, be disappointed. Generally we should be people on the way to a party. It should show at work, shops, gym, church

Worship team told me they have to seek out worshippers – Most people are bank

If we are people of a heavenly party – should not be blank. We should be happy or tears – engaged. Blank is a problem

Let’s learn to engage and express. Show love for God on your face. It’s okay to lifts hands / kneel / ly prostrate / dance.

Okay to respond in sermon. Need it. I said no amen / hallelujah / praise the Lord. But don’t mean no response. Just don’t want spiritual parrots. Find authentic ways to express – or we become weird / outdated. Say I agree, that’s the truth, keep talking, oh oh, ouch. Guy who said Anar instead of Amen – what the pastor said hurt.

God of parties – celebration – feasting – victory – new life – new creation – rainbow – upside – resurrection

Not the first rainbow. Abrahamic circumcision not first circumcision. Cross of Christ not first cross. God took what existed – gave it new meaning – God points to what exists in creation – like Israelite pointing to a tree – remember covenant

Rainbow record 30 Nov 2017. Taiwan 9hrs – professor ‘a gift from the sky‘ – when we only see natural – stuck with who to thank!

When you see the rainbow rejoice – a party is coming!

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