Don’t be bought

(audio sermon by Gary Sampson)

The 400 prophets of Ahab were bought. They could only say what he wanted. Micaiah refused to be bought. Are you being manipulated and controlled by your boss, friends, family, community. Don’t be bought!

Speakers notes follow –

Don’t be Bought

2 Chronicles 18:1-19.3

PSG v Red star Belgrade – Official 5m to lose by 5 goals – bought

Text – 400 say ‘victory’ – but bought – not only ones…

The Bought King – Jehoshaphat

Israel strongeralliance: godly with ungodly – marriage – Jehu ‘Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord?’ (19.2)

Feasting in honour – hidden agenda – favour for favour is bribery Police stops for speeding – money in license – brought

Jehoshaphat trying to follow God – ‘first seek Lord / Any prophets of Lord’ – weakly entered alliance with unbeliever – almost dies

Are you bought – in bad relationship – being controlled?

The Bought Prophets – The 400

Prophets wanting kings favour – kings could do a lot for you

Victory‘ – all 400 saying same – seems a done deal

Zedekiah most demonstrative – wanting kings attention

Beware prophets of triumph – ‘Year of abundance, miracles, prosperity, glory’

True prophet will denounce cries of triumph – strip off exalting titles, remove shiny suits, burn glory seeking poster – told to recognise the one who made himself nothing – rode a donkey – washed feet

Many prophets today play to audience – they’re bought

The Prophet that couldn’t be bought – Micaiah

Jehoshaphat asks for prophet of Lord – one left – hated

Messenger advises ‘agree’ – Micaiah declines – can’t be bought

First sarcastic ‘Victory’ in front of prophets + kings

Then Lords word (1) to king (2) to false prophets – slapped

Micaiah’s word contradicted the 400 – he stood alone – word came true – Ahab though disguised hit by random arrow

Don’t be bought!

We’re all prophets/esses – represent God in our circles – but can’t if bought!

Wanting favour of friends, bosses, family, rulers hinders truth

PressureAhab‘s authority + power (more than president or boss) – 400 prophets (colleagues: we’re together, team spirit, unity, don’t be negative) – messenger personal word (don’t rock boat, wrong time, all united)

Truth more important than unity – Jesus: not peace but a sword

Micaiah didn’t give gospel – gave word on battle – speak all truth

Not just bought by money – guilt / relationship

Uncle saying don’t marry / harambee guilt control / selling pen

Church often bought – meant to be prophets to Gov – Political candidate request

Jesus never bought / never was bought – died for us – free to accept if you want

Don’t be bought


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