Christ’s Better Covenant

Hebrews Series – Chapters 9- 10 (audio sermon)

Marriage is a covenant. A covenant is an agreement where two lives become one. The Bible is a book of God’s covenants with man. This sermon explains the importance of covenant making and why the New Covenant is better than the Old. Click the arrow to play –

Speakers notes follow –

Christ’s Better Covenant

Hebrews 9.1-8, 11-12, 15-22, 10.1 -7, 14-25

Covenant – lifelong partnership agreement – today marriage

Marriage – witnesses/vows/rings/sign/oneness – glass wine/candles/names

Kings – protection – one life/army/wedding type rituals – exchange daughters

Bible – God calls people to lifelong partnership/covenant – Testament is Covenant – Bible book of two covenants

Old Covenant (Sinai agreement Moses) – New Covenant (Calvary agreement Jesus) – ‘I will be your God and you will be my people’

Blood – blood, everywhere! Why?

Blood = life – not ugly but precious – gold symbol of wealth – blood at life – whats more precious? Currency of Covenant – Kings cut arms – wine at wedding

Breaking Covenant – life taken – hunted king – stoned adulterer – Jesus forgave

Old Cov – blood of lambs – New Cov – blood of Christ ‘new covenant in my blood’

Jewish Audience knew Old Cov – needed convincing of New Cov

9.1-10 Tabernacle centre of ‘first covenant’- place of forgiveness & cleansing

9.4 Ark of Covenant – Tablets Ten Command/Conditions – two copies

9.5 Atonement Cover – mercy seat – At One Ment – blood sprinkled – life given

9.6-7 Only one man in fear allowed into Presence

9.8 Imperfect Cov – limitation & fear pointed to need – ‘the way_ had not yet been disclosed’ (8)

9.11-14 ⇒ Title: ‘The Blood of Christ’ – Better Cov in Christs blood – real tabernacle – God’s blood – bulls & goats not sufficient

Stop for a moment – sceptical? Covenants, blood, tabernacle necessary? hard to relate in modern times- Question: If there is a God- wants to convey to ancient & modern ① Holy – calls us to sinless ② Just – can’t dismiss sin ③ Loving – would give his life for you if he could ④ Relational -wants your response – how does he convey this? Surely this is it. Shows for centuries he’s coming – time ripe he comes – a form we understand – dies for us – fulfills predictions – Jesus had no control of Jews & Romans – cross planned (Ps 22, Is 53)

9.15 Christ mediator – not Mary & Saints – Mary not high priest

9.16-22 Importance of blood – as discussed

‘In the case of a will – necessary to prove death’ New life/inheritance only possible once Christ dead – penalty paid

10.1⇒ Title – Christ’s one sacrifice sufficient – Why? Quality of life given is important – it is God who dies – Completely holy, infinite, all powerful, timeless life – covers all sin past & future – better

‘The Law is only a shadow’ – All lambs point to ultimate sacrifice

10.3-4 Animal blood can’t remove sin – served to highlight sin rather than remove it – The Law is the same – it condemns

10.5 Prophecy – ‘Sacrifices & offering you did not desire, but a body you prepared for me’

10.14 ‘he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy’ – righteousness as gift and grown

10.16-17 Vital benefits – Law on tablets of our hearts better – Sins remembered no more

10.19-25 New attitude now Christ has come – Be confident & faithful

Approach God humbly but confidently – sins dealt with affectively – curtain (his body) ripped – access accepted

Terms used – ‘confidence’- ‘full assurance’ – ‘draw near’ – ‘sincere heart’ – ‘unswerving’ – ‘spur one another on’ – ‘ not giving up meeting’ – ‘encouraging one other’

Covenant is not some ancient tradition that can be forgotten –

In America every 24 hours:

 1,629 children are put in adult jail.

 3,228 children run away from home

 1,512 children drop out of school.


 3,000 children see their parents divorced.

73% of Americans, under the age of 45, believe that life spent with the same partner is both unusual and unnecessary.

When marriage covenant breaks down, children are damaged
When covenant with God breaks down, the world is damaged

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