Christmas – Real or Fake News

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There are good reasons to accept the reports about Jesus’ birth and reject the legend surrounding Santa. As we decorate our homes and celebrate Christmas, lets do it in such a way that proclaims the real message.

Speakers notes follow –

Christmas – Real or Fake News?

Luke 1. 1-4, 26 -35, 2. 1-12

Fake News on internet right. People making money – Macedonia village student Goran in elections fakes – paid FB to share – paid per click by advertisers -€1800 one month

People see Christmas as fake news – but fun! Promote it – tell kids Santa is watching – knows what you want – parents can get upset if you tell their kids the truth!

Santa is legend not myth – truth exaggerated vs symbolic story – pastor/bishop Nicholas – 4th Cent Myra (Turkey) anon gifts – cartoon 1800s – Coke colours – now has centre stage – Nyali Mall

Date & Trees – pagan religion – Roman solstice – Euro winters severe – evergreens – lasting life

What about the Virgin Birth? Fake News?

Many Christians are biased – they believe without evidence – shouldn’t we ask a few questions before believing? A woman tells her doc ‘I woke up and was pregnant’ Should he say ‘its a miracle’? God did not expect Joseph to just believe?

Question: is it reasonable to trust Matthew and Luke?

① Was it written by them? ② Did they lie? ③ Were they deluded? ④ Does it make sense?

① Written by them? Luke this week – strong early tradition – Irenaeus said Luke – ancient scientific doc style/length prologue – wrote Acts ‘we‘ passages – ends before Paul’s death as if no more has happened.

② Did they lie? Christians martyred for this story – apostles present – John knew Mary & John B

③ Deluded? Tax collectors – we think they’re deluded – they quite hard to convince. Doctors – believe in a virgin birth? A man of ancient times? People in Jesus day didn’t accept virgin births! Ask Joseph!

Writing for a high official – not time to make things up – tone of his letter – checked his information carefully – interviewing witnesses

④ Does it make sense? Legal sense not scientific sense – miracles never make scientific sense

Clear historic context – Caesar Augustus census – line of David – Bethlehem registration for tax – ring of truth – no space – many there for same reasons

Frequency of terror attacks – FBI look for signs to stop it. Often fail – attack happens. Afterwards detectives check truth of what happened, FBl look at the signs it was going to – often admit they misread – slow to act.

Case of the virgin birth same – Have signs after – also signs before indicated it going to happen. Signs on both sides make a strong case – miracle has context

Isaiah’s prophecy ‘Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him ImmanueI’ (Is 7.14) – called a ‘sign’ – a sign of what? The name of the child tells us – Immanuel ‘God with us’

The Quran also says the virgin birth a sign – a sign of what? That God does miracles? Jews knew that! A sign that a prophet is born? Why is this one special ? Obvious – means no father –  God is Father

– Virgin Birth has solid support evidence – prediction – historic context

Can we have a tree – pagan symbol? Two views: ① Compromise ② Wisdom – Tree of life – eternal life – star of Bethlehem – gifts to Jesus /of Jesus – diminish Santa – distraction – Nyali Mall

Living in the Wake of Christmas – his coming but he is gone. The gift now is God in us – the Holy spirit.

Admundsen – pigeon EI 247

Better than Santa – what Christmas is about.

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