Christ the Cornerstone

(audio sermon by Gary Sampson)

Scripture says Christ is the cornerstone; the stone by which all other stones are aligned. All teachers and prophets must align with Christ. But where does this leave other religions? This sermon addresses this hotly debated topic.

Speakers notes follow –

Christ the Cornerstone

Acts 4.11-12 Stone rejected is cornerstone – The cornerstone (foundation or setting stone) first stone in construction of a stone building, other stones set in reference to it, determineds the position of the building (Wiki)

‘Salvation in no other’ – Where does this leave other religions?

New Ager at Bobs ‘may be true for you, but not for me’ – Can we have our own truth?

Some prefer Coke, some FantaEarth around sun – what’s true for one is true for all – subjective vs objective

Religious truth – whats true for one is true for all – what put you here put all here – personal opinion not personal truth

The truth will set you free‘ – right belief frees – Ancients thought could fall off edge of earth  – truth frees – must align beliefs with truth

One way – make sense?

Key for door – only one in the bunch fits – one way usual in this world

‘I am the way’ (the key) ‘All who came before me are robbers + thieves’ – ‘false Christs/prophets will appear + deceive many’ – ‘He is out in the desert, do not go‘

‘I am the way, truth’ – ‘salvation is in no one else’- ‘cornerstone’

Babel – mans attempt to reach God/Cross – God’s attempt to reach man – Christianity opposite/inverse – self salvation/God’s salvation

Confucius, Buddha, Mohammed – self righteousness / Jesus – gift of righteousness

Jesus different – his name only one blasphemed / demons flee

‘Salvation in no one else’ ‘cornerstone’

Other religions eternally cut off?

Christianity does not save – Jesus does – unsaved Christians/saved non-Christians – surprised at arrivals in heaven – arrivals surprised at Saviour

Abraham called from idolising nation – Cornelius called in a vision to meet Peter – many Muslims meet Jesus in bedroom

Evil uses counterfeit religion – Babel – self righteousness ‘you who are trying to be justified by law have been alienated from Christ’ – OT + NT against idols, Baal, Artemis – prophets + Paul – we are obligated to proclaim me Gospel + expose counterfeit

Tolerance is godly – but tolerance isn’t calling false, true – its allowing freedom of choice, worship, proclamation – Islam, atheism bad at this

All authority in heaven + on earth has been given to me therefore go make disciples of all nations‘ – few atheists then – all nations ment convert people from all religions

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