Cornelius’ House

Acts 10:1-11:18

As Peter entered the house he was shocked to see that it was crowded with Romans. These were Cornelius’ friends and family; a mixture of military personnel and civilians with their wives and a few others. Never before had Peter preached to Gentiles, and certainly not this type. Romans! But this was Caesarea, the military headquarters of Judea, and this was Cornelius the Centurion’s house, a man who was in command of a hundred soldiers. God had told Peter to respond to Cornelius’ request to come, but he did not expect such an audience.
Now these Romans had served long enough in Judea to know that a Jew wasn’t supposed to enter a Gentile’s home, so Peter quickly explained that had God had spoken to him and had shown him that he was not to consider a Gentile impure or unclean. Just the day before God had given Peter a vision More