Jesus and the Sad-you-sees

Matthew 22:23-33

The Sadducees were the Jewish materialists of Jesus’ day. They rejected belief in life-after-death, resurrection, angels and other spirit beings (Acts 23:8). As far as they were concerned this was the only life there was and you needed to make the most of it. Knowing Jesus was the latest inform preacher drawing all the crowds they decided to challenge him in public with their latest argument which went like this: ‘Belief in resurrection contradicts Moses’ law which requires a man to marry the widow of his deceased brother. If a woman married two or more men, who would she belong to at the resurrection?’ This was obviously a challenging argument in those days, the Pharisees (who believed in resurrection) claimed the woman would belong to her first husband. But this was not very convincing, and I can see the Sadducees winking at each other in confidence while Jesus’ disciples looked at up at him in horror and dismay.
Materialists today often ask similar questions. A favourite goes like this: ‘If science can explain it, how can Christians say God did it?’ More