Camps & Retreats

Tiwi Beach
Some of our tents on Tiwi Beach

There is nothing like a church camp for bonding. In recent years we have got used to camping each December in tents on Tiwi Beach. Tiwi is on the South Coast and is a part of Kenyan paradise: white sand, palm trees, and amazing marine life. The camp includes times of worship and teaching, beach walks, diving from the cliffs, snorkelling in the coral pools, inflatable surfing, playing beach volleyball and soccer, and singing around the fire at night. The Tiwi Camp is for the entire church and usually happens on the weekend closest to the 12th December (a public holiday).

We also have occasional home group retreats.  These are usually at a hired house on Kwale ridge overlooking the elephant sanctuary. Some of our best retreats have been home group ones, and the Kwale house has been an excellent place to have them. If any of the other home groups would like assistance in arranging a retreat or would like to advertise their retreat here please let Gary know.